National Organics Recycling Conference
18-Sep-2017 8:30 AM - 20-Sep-2017 5:30 PM
Deerfoot Inn
Calgary, Alberta T0C 2X0
Taking place at the Deerfoot Inn, the conference will cover all aspects of organics recycling – from feedstock capture, processing & technology, research across a wide range of topics and important developments in the return of these valuable materials through compost & digestate back to our soils.The conference is an excellent way to meet the knowledge base in organics recycling across Canada. Technology providers, suppliers from collection methods to communication, regulators, experts in climate change to soil health are just some of the leaders who will be at the conference, available for networking and information sharing.

The conference will provide a visit to a wastewater treatment plant as well as tours of organics recycling facilities (both composting and anaerobic digestion) including the now-opened CALGARY COMPOSTING FACILITY. The size of about eight football fields, the facility processes greenbin and yard residuals from Calgary homes as well as the dewatered biosolids from the city’s wastewater treatment facility, manufacturing them into compost.

Whether for the latest in industry developments, networking or as an excellent introduction to the world of organics recycling – from collection to manufacturing to climate change benefits, economic returns, energy production and soil health, organics recycling yields positive results.

As a special bonus for your registration, The Compost Council of Canada will include you in a complementary webinar series on the Biology of the Soil. Please indicate your interest in receiving this special invite on the registration form.

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