Tannas Cons. Services Wetland Course
23-May-2017 8:30 AM - 26-May-2017 4:30 PM
Range Road 42 and Township Raod 294
Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd
Cremona, Alberta T0M 0R0
Wetland Course

May 23-26, 2017

Cochrane, Cremona.

Tannas Conservation Services Ltd. is pleased to offer a 2017 Wetland Assessment Course.  This course focuses on the techniques and knowledge required  to assess wetlands under the recently released Alberta Wetland Policy and the Alberta Wetland Classification. The course also discusses other wetland assessment techniques including: Riparian Health Assessment and Stewart and Kantrud Classification. The course will include a classroom as well as a field component.

Instructors: Dr. Steven Tannas, PAg, Ashley Easton, PAg, Darin Sherritt, AIT, Clare Tannas, PAg,  Kathy Tannas


Register before April 30.

Day 1 – Alberta  Wetland Policy and the ABWRET-A
Classroom: Review of the Alberta Wetland Policy and assessment requirements including Alberta Wetland Classification System, a brief introduction to the AWRET-A Form, reporting requirements, challenges and things you need to know to successfully complete a wetland report.
Day 2 –Permanency Assessment and Delineation
Classroom: Focus on assessment of permanency, required reporting for permanency assessments and we will work through wetland delineation using imagery as per the requirements for wetland assessments.

Day 3 –Ecosystem  Function, Indicator Species, and Field Assessment Techniques
Classroom/Field: Review assessing ecosystem function and the tools available, as well as indicator species to help classify wetland according to the Alberta Wetland Classification System. The afternoon will start the field work discussed under Day 4.

Day 4 –Field Assessment:  Delineation, Soil, Vegetation, and ABWRET-A
Field: The final day of the course will focus on plant identification, soil classification, and putting into practice each assessment technique. Instructors will act as coaches to help everyone complete their own assessments.
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