Cows & Fish, Street to Stream
10-Mar-2017 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
14220 - 112 Ave NW
Realtors Association of Edmonton
Edmonton, Alberta T5M 2T8
Cows & Fish Workshop, Street to Stream

Friday afternoon, March 10, Edmonton

Friday, March 10, 2017 from 1pm to 4pm
at the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton Auditorium, 14220 - 112 Ave.


Register at

You are invited to participate in a 1/2 day
workshop to explore:
- Suitability of tools and practices for Alberta
- Visual assessment criteria
- Costs, benefits, pros, cons, market availability
- Local examples

Roofs and roads change the character of water, and our waterways pay. And you pay too — in the cost to treat water, in flooding and flood repair, in erosion, in pollution, in recreational opportunities, and in the health of the landscape overall.
We all have a role to play in mitigating these impacts in our homes, yards, neighborhoods and communities. Installing alternatives to turf, managing downspout flows with rain gardens, and creating buffers along waterfronts are effective ways to do your part.

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