Ag Drone School, Flat Lake
6-Apr-2017 8:15 AM - 7-Apr-2017 4:30 PM
Township Road 594 Range Road 84
Flat Lake Community Hall
Bonnyville No 87, Alberta T0A 3B0
Ag Drone School,

April 6-7,

Flat Lake Community Hall, MD of Bonnyville No 87

From multispectral to meteorology and maintenance. A course for farmers and agronomists to learn to fly productively and legally.

To register, email Marcus Weber,
or Call Marcus at (780) 448-7445
More info at

Learn to fly unmanned aerial systems for agriculture.  Two full days on every aspect of productive, safe, and legal use of drones by farmers & agronomists. Emphasis is on the knowledge required for successful applications to Transport Canada. Topics include:

  • Introduction to Remote Sensing of Vegetation

  • NDVI and other vegetative indexes

  • Data accuracy: sensor types and calibration

  • Future of Crop Imaging ... hyperspec, thermal, machine learning

  • From Fly to Apply: Software Workflows

  • Use Cases: the many uses of drones on farms

  • BlackHawk Aeronautical ground school:

    • Regulatory Requirements 

    • Air Law

    • Navigation

    • Meteorology

    • SFOC Application Process

    • Insurance

    • Maintenance Procedures

    • Flight Mission Planning

    • Safe Flight Operations

Location: Flat Lake Community Hall, MD of Bonnyville #87, Twp Rd 594 and Rg Rd 84, T0A 3B0
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