Report A Non-Member Practicing Agrology

In Alberta, if an individual has appropriate post-secondary education and if that individual is “practicing agrology” (as defined in section 1(v) of the Agrology Profession Act) where that person provides professional services to the public OR supervises regulated members who provide professional services to the public, Section 40 of the Agrology Profession Act requires that the individual be a registered professional member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists.

The three exemptions to this professional registration requirement are:
  • If a person is a student of the agrology profession
  • If a person is authorized to provide any services pursuant to another enactment (ie other professional legislation)
  • If a person provides the professional services on land in which the person has a direct or indirect interest (ie owners of farming operations)
Below is a form that can be filled out by any member of AIA or the public to advise the institute of individuals who should be members of AIA but who are not.

Fill out as much of the information below as possible. The more specific your detail, the more helpful it is to the institute office.

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