As an AIA member, the following items are important in maintaining member AIA registration:

Registration Renewal: Registration renewal each year runs from October 1st until December 31st of the current year. There are three requirements that must be met each year to complete registration renewal:

  • Payment of annual registration fee;
  • Completion of Ethics Declaration; and
  • Completion of CCP reporting.
Failure to complete any of the above by December 31st will result in late fee penalties and the eventual suspension/cancellation of a member's registration and practice permit.

Practice Permit: A member's annual practice permit can be printed once all registration renewal requirements have been met. A member must ensure their practice permit is visible at the workplace or available upon request.

Practice Area(s): To practice competently and work independently as a regulated PAg or RTAg in any given practice area(s), members must have the educational support. In order to receive a new practice area or change a practice area, a member must ensure they have the formal education to meet a majority of the core knowledge areas for that practice area. For more information, click here.