Work experience allows the professional to put educational training into action. Work experience is the application of formal post-secondary education that further develops the skills and abilities to ensure competent practice.

Work experience must be agrology-related work activities and earned after post-secondary graduation. For example, you earned a diploma or university degree, worked in agrology-related activities for two years and then applied for membership, those two years will be counted as work experience.

The amount of total Canadian agrology-related work experience required for eligibility to transition to full designation (PAg or
RT(Ag)) is dependent upon the member’s educational training.

Before full designation can be granted in-training members must meet the following work experience requirements. The work
experience requirement depends on the type of diploma or degree a member attains which made them eligible for registration with the profession of Agrology.

Diploma or Degree
Minimum no. years work
experience in one Practice Area
Additional years Agrology
work experience required
Total years Agrology
work experience required
2-year diploma 3 2 5
3-year applied degree 3 1 4
4-year degree 3 0 3
M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree  3 0 3*
*One year of work experience granted for M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree provided degree is related to the PA selected.