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Session 1: Tuesday, April 19, 1:45 PM- 5:00 PM

Dr. Dale Christenson
Presented by : Dr. Dale Christenson , DPM, PMP, CMC.

Project Management Essentials is an introductory workshop that enables both new and current project managers to increase their likelihood of delivering their projects on time, on budget and in scope while meeting or exceeding stakeholder expectations.

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We get feedback every day of our lives from colleagues, bosses and clients, friends, and family. Some feedback is hard to hear, some makes us feel great, some is useful and some – you wonder what planet it came from!
Receiving feedback is challenging because it is at the intersection of two human desires…we want to learn and grow and we want to be accepted just the way we are. To read more on this interactive session, please click here .

Joint Presentation by :

Carol Gabanna
Carol Gabanna
Dr. William (Bill) Shotyk
Presented by  Dr. William (Bill) Shotyk  , University of Alberta 

Contaminants in the environment may arise from natural or anthropogenic sources; some originate from both. Contaminants may be inorganic, organic, or organometallic; some are radioactive, Potentially toxic “heavy metals” such as Ag (silver), Cd (cadmium), Pb (lead), Sb (antimony) and Tl (thallium) all occur naturally, but human activities such as mining, smelting, and refining, as well as fossil fuel combustion, have considerably increased emissions of these elements to the environment. In fact, on a global scale, emissions of heavy metals to the environment from natural sources are dwarfed by the those from human activities. To read more on Bill's session, please  click here  .

We will be teaching wetland plant Identification. This section will involve hands on keying of wetland plants including rushes, bulrushes, sedges, willows, and grasses. Please  click here  to read full abstract.

Presented by  Tannas Conservation Services Ltd.

Alan Kennedy
Presented by  Dr.  Alan Kennedy   , PAg, PBiol. 
Alan Kennedy
  Dr. Miles Scott-Brown , PBiol. 

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a recognized practice area for professional Agrologists in Alberta. It is therefore important for Agrologists interested in EIA to have a forum to further develop their understanding of EIA.n EIA.  Click here for more details.