Project Management Essentials is an introductory workshop that enables both new and current project managers to increase their likelihood of delivering their projects on time, on budget and in scope while meeting or exceeding stakeholder expectations.

Dr. Dale Christenson has developed two courses:

  • Project Management Fundamentals

    Project Management Fundamentals is a two day introductory course, which provides information for new project team members on how to deliver successful projects on time, on budget and in scope.

  • Project Management Communications

    Project Management Communications is a three day module where participants will learn about stakeholder management and methods that meet or exceed project stakeholder expectations.

If, as an In-Training member you are required to take a communications course as part of the condition of your registration, these two courses combined will fulfill the 3-credit value for this requirement. The courses can be taken in any order; there are no prerequisites for either course.

These two courses are valuable CCP hours.

Contact the Institute for more details. If you are interested in these two courses register online, click here.