The profession exists so that “the public interest is protected and served in matters related to agrology.

The Institute and professional members will be publicly valued for excellence in professional practice and will be provincially and nationally respected as leaders in the agricultural and environmental sciences.

The institute’s primary function is to regulate the practice of all professionals who are regulated members of the institute. Additionally, the institute works to enhance member practice, to ensure good stewardship of provincial resources and to ensure that equitable and fair labor mobility exists for all AIA members and for agrology members across Canada.

Seven Pillars of Agrology:
The profession of agrology in Alberta is guided by the SEVEN PILLARS which identify key responsibilities for a viable, future-oriented profession. These pillars are:
  1. Clear Regulatory Entrance Standards
  2. Enforced Practice Standards to drive competent practice
  3. An enforced Continuing Competence Program
  4. An enforced Code of Ethics
  5. Practice Reviews of All Regulated Members
  6. Errors and Omissions Insurance
  7. A publicly accessible complaints program
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