Courses may only be taken AFTER acceptance as an AIT or ATT.

As part of the In-Training program, there are four mandatory courses that are available online. These courses are designed to prepare new members on how to conduct themselves professionally and ethically. Each course is equivalent to four hours of CCP credits and can be used to meet annual CCP requirements.

Each course has a workbook, a powerpoint presentation in PDF and other reading materials. Members are required to read/study the materials and then write an online exam. Members must achieve a minimum 70% to pass. Once the exam is submitted, it cannot be retrieved.

The current in-training courses will be available only until January 11, 2021. You may register between now and then, but must complete all courses by January 11, 2021.

Once registered, members are granted access to course materials and the exam. After the exam is submitted, it will be marked by AIA and the member will be notified as to the results. The mark “Pass or Fail” will be recorded in their member portal.

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Regulatory Course (Course 101)

This course will focus on the regulatory articles that govern the practice of agrology in Alberta.


  • Provide an awareness/understanding of the regulatory articles that govern AIA
  • Provide the requirements, responsibilities and authority of regulated members
  • Provide the composition, authority and responsibilities of AIA Council
  • Provide an awareness/understanding of the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
  • Provide an understanding of members’ obligations in the collection, use and protection

Continuing Competence Program and Practice Area (Course 102)

This course will focus on the professional’s need to maintain and enhance competence. All the practice areas are discussed and each participant will have to be able to identify their practice area and provide the rationale for their choice.


  • Provide an understanding of and the need for continuing competence in the practice of agrology
  • Understand AIA’s Continuing Competency requirements
  • Learn how to identify the practice areas in agrology
  • Identify your own practice area

Managing Due Diligence (Course 103)

This course will focus on the potential liability risks associated with the practice of agrology. Strategies will be provided on how to manage those risks.


  • Provide an understanding of professional liability risks in agrology
  • Provide strategies to manage professional liability risks
  • Provide an understanding on the need for professional liability insurance
  • Provide an awareness to respond to the threat of a lawsuit

Professional Ethics (Course 104)

This course will provide an awareness and understanding of ethical conduct in the practice of agrology.


  • Provide an understanding of ethics and professionalism in the field of Agrology
  • To demonstrate the importance of ethical conduct and behaviour as a professional
  • To discuss the AIA Code of Ethics and Code of Practice and their application in the practice of Agrology