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For each annual conference the AIA commissions a Green Paper to be authored by peer recognized experts. The authors express their own views and opinions backed by experience and science. The views expressed are not those of the Institute. The Institute welcomes outside views and diverse, researched opinions.

Speaker: Dr. Ian Urquhart, Department of Political Sciences, University of Alberta
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How much change and what types of change has Premier Notley’s government delivered so far in its first term of office? This question animates this year’s Green Paper. The paper opens by examining the Alberta political economy and the policy legacies the New Democratic Party government inherited from over forty years of Progressive Conservative rule. It details the 2015 NDP election platform before exploring the extent to which the New Democrats have changed the orientation of public policy in Alberta. Particular attention will be paid here to the issues of energy and environment. The paper concludes by considering some of the more important challenges the government faces as it heads into the next provincial election.  

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