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Wayne Lee: Set Y our GPS for Success

These days, if you want to get someplace fast, with no wrong turns, you just program your car’s GPS and follow the commands. You choose a destination, then take the best route to your goal. Your brain works the exact same way: Choose where you want to go, and your subconscious takes over from there. Trouble is, your subconscious is also a storage area for habits and beliefs that either keep you on track or throw you off course. If you don't program it for success, you'll never reach your destination. Wayne Lee helps you access and harness the power of your GPS(Great Programmable Subconscious) for peak performance at work and at home. This presentation opens your mind and melts away stress and negative interference, and reveals what's possible when you program your GPS for success. Deeply engaging, always down-to-earth, Wayne Lee delivers life-changing content and an exhilarating, one-of-a kind experience. You will learn how to:

• Master--and trust--your Internal Navigation System: subconscious mind
• Open your mind to the power of positive suggestions through laughter and hypnosis
• Set and accomplish any business or personal goal
• Remove the 3 negative words that inhibit your success