This guide is designed to assist with the PAg application process to the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA). As a potential employer of an internationally-educated PAg member of the AIA, it will prove helpful in understanding the process. The guide provides useful information from members’ experience and knowledge in order to help applicants succeed in their professional practice and personal life.

Alberta has a very strong Act in support of the practice of agrology, and requires that all Professional Agrologists (PAg) are members of the AIA. The AIA assists in creating career opportunities in agriculture, food, life sciences, and environmental industries.

As defined in the Alberta Act (2007):

“practice of agrology” means the development, acquisition or application of or advising on scientific principles and practices relating to the cultivation, production, utilization and improvement of plants and animals and the management of associated resources and includes

  1. the certification of compliance with Acts, regulations, directives, standards and guidelines related to agrology,
  2. the conducting of economic, statistical, financial, sociological and other studies related to agrology,
  3. the production, processing, marketing and protection of agricultural and related products and supplies,
  4. the analysis, classification and evaluation of land and water systems,
  5. the undertaking of agricultural design and advising on the use of buildings, structures, machinery and equipment,
  6. the conservation, decommissioning, reclamation, remediation and improvement of soils, land and water systems, and
  7. the development, management and use of waste treatment and ecological systems;
  8. “practice permit” means a practice permit issued to a regulated member;
  9. “professional service” means a service provided by a regulated member of the Institute that comes within the practice of agrology; (Section 1).
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