Competitive edge: Professionally registered members with a recognized degree or college diploma, have shown that they know how to apply knowledge. Competent service is the hallmark of the professionals.

Legal Requirement to be Registered When Practicing Agrology: When a practitioner works in agriculture or the environment and if they are eligible to registered with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA), then it is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT for practitioners to be registered with AIA.

Continuing Competence Practice: AIA regulated members are required to maintain competence practice by continual upgrading through education pursuits, attending relevant technical conferences and through mentoring with colleagues. Each professional member must log at least 35 hours of continuing competence a year.

Professional Diversity: Agrology members are trained in a broad cross section of environmental and agricultural sciences. Many members have thorough training in soils, plants, water, air, food, animal husbandry and related economics.

Public trust and professional accountability: Agrology members have credibility and trust with the public (and employers) due to the fact that you are bound to a professional Code of Ethics and a Code of Practice.