2018 Call for AIA Council Election Nominations


The AIA Council Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the 2018 AIA Council elections. Interested, qualified individuals are invited to put their names forward as described below. Nominations close November 15, 2017.

Council Positions Open for Election in 2018:

RTAg: One Registered Technologist in Agrology from anywhere in Alberta.
PAg Member At Large: One Professional Agrologist from anywhere in Alberta .

Two ways to put names on the nomination slate:
A. Peer Nomination:  A PAg or RTAg will be put on the nomination slate if the nomination is supported by 5 Practicing Regulated Members (Nominator and four others - AIT, ATT, PAg or RTAg).
B. Individual Nomination:  Submit a name and the nomination committee will review all names submitted.
NOTE: Retired, Deferred, Non Practicing and Students are ineligble for the election process.

The Nominating Committee requests that ALL INTERESTED candidates submit a nomination online.
Successful nominees will be notified and asked for material to support the nomination.
Council elections will occur by electronic vote from January 11 to February 12, 2018.

Council Member Criteria:

As a self-governed body of professionals, AIA has a duty to act in the best interests of the public of Alberta. When considering standing for the position of Council Member, individuals should consider the duties and expectations of Council:

The purpose of the Council, on behalf of Albertans, is to ensure that the Alberta Institute of Agrologists achieves appropriate results for the appropriate people at an appropriate cost, and avoids unacceptable actions and situations.

To meet its responsibilities, Council uses the system of Policy Governance® to direct the affairs of the Institute. The Council has a comprehensive set of policies that speak to how Council governs, and the relationship to the management of the Institute. Those policies are published and may be viewed online in the Council section of the AIA website .

In keeping with the Council’s commitment to excellence in governance, the Council shall strive to solicit for positions on the Council candidates who have characteristics that will enable them to govern, not to manage, the organization. These characteristics include:

1. A strong belief in the virtue of the Profession of Agrology, and the Code of Ethics and Code of Practice.
2. Commitment to linking with the ownership. Understanding that they stand in for an ownership of diverse people; willing to actively seek to access and understand that diversity.
3. Ability to think in terms of systems and context — to see the big picture.
4. Interest in and capability to discuss the values underlying the actions taken in the organization, and to govern through the broader formulations of these values.
5. Willingness to delegate the operational detail to others.
6. Ability and willingness to deal with vision and the long term, rather than day-to-day details.
7. Ability and willingness to participate assertively in deliberation, while respecting the opinions of others.
8. Willingness and commitment to honor Council decisions.
9. Commitment not to make judgments in the absence of previously stated criteria.
10. Learn how Council works, and give the time and care required for Council. Typically, the time required of Council in a year includes four two-day meetings, an orientation session, the annual provincial meeting and conference, and associated preparation and travel time. (Most Council members find that preparation and time spent on council work outside of meetings is 10 hours per meeting).
11. Uphold the Council’s Code of Conduct (as published in their GP-7 Policy).
12. A willingness to serve for a minimum of three years.
13. Computer literacy and regular access to email and Internet.

Click HERE to Submit a PAg Council Nomination

Click HERE to Submit a RTAg Council Nomination

2018 Council Nomination Committee

  • Don Watson, PAg (Chair)
  • Paul Martin, PAg
  • Donna Trottier, PAg
  • Sheldon Burns, RTAg