The AIA Council and the AIA Awards Committee

Are Pleased to Announce the 2018 AIA Awards

Council may present an A.I.A. “Distinguished Agrologist” Award to a member of the Institute for professional distinction associated with an outstanding accomplishment in Agrology, which is recognized provincially or regionally within the province of Alberta.

For 2018, the AIA Council presents the Distinguished Agrologist Award to:

Bill Chapman
Bill Chapman, PAg
Bill Chapman is a Crop Business Development Specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry at Barrhead, Alberta. He started with the department over 33 years ago as a Regional Crop Production Specialist training District Agriculturists and farmers in the North West region. Bill obtained a B.Sc. in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan, graduating with a major in Agronomy. He joined the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists in 1979 and transferred to Alberta in 1984. Bill was raised on a mixed family farm in Central Butte, Saskatchewan. After moving to Alberta, Bill was eager to work with local farmers in the north west region, as well as research staff and crop input suppliers, to improve crop yields and quality by initiating new soil fertility and agronomy meetings. These partnerships have stood the test of time and are now moving into the third generation with participation from the same family farms.   Read More

Council may present an A.I.A. “Professional Recognition” Award to a member of the Institute who is being recognized for their special service or has made a significant contribution to the betterment of the AIA.

For 2018, the AIA Council presents the Professional Recognition Award to:

Andrea Bullinger
Andrea Bullinger, PAg
Andrea is a Professional Agrologist and the Manager, Environmental Compliance for Encana Corporation’s Northern Operating Area. She manages a large team of environmental professionals that specialize and advise in diverse aspect of land management. A soil scientist by training, Andrea has seventeen years of environmental and agrology related experience in Alberta. Prior to moving to Alberta, Andrea was an instructor (diploma agriculture program) and teaching assistant in the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Manitoba. Andrea received a B.Sc. in Environmental Science and a M.Sc. in Soil from the University of Manitoba. Read More

Council may present an A.I.A. “Outstanding Young Agrologist” Award to a member who is under the age of 35 at the time the award presentation and is being recognized for the outstanding achievement(s) in and service to Agrology within the Province of Alberta. The nominee must have been a member of the AIA for at least five years.

For 2018, the AIA Council presents the Outstanding Young Agrologist Award to:

Joel Conrad
Joel Conrad, PAg
Joel’s interest in agrology began at a young age on his family’s farm. It was this interest in Agriculture that lead him to the University of Alberta where he completed a degree in Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture. After graduating from University, Joel found a job working in oil and gas reclamation that soon became a career. This allowed him to apply the principles he learned while at University along with practical knowledge he gained through his farming and range management experience. Much of his career has been spent in the field where his experience extended from range inventories, to site assessments and reclamation. In the last several years he has transitioned to a project management role. Joel’s career in reclamation has allowed him to remain actively involved in the family grain farm in central Alberta.  Read More

Council may present an A.I.A. “Honorary Member” Award to an individual who would not be eligible for membership in the Institute and who has achieved recognition of distinction associated with outstanding accomplishment or contributions to any field of Agrology in Alberta.

For 2018, the AIA Council presents the Honorary Member Award to:

James Hargrave
James Hargrave
James Hargrave came from a family with a proud history as stewards of the land and leaders in their community. He grew up on the JH ranch established in 1888 by James’ great-great grandfather, James Hargrave. Throughout the years, numerous family members have sat on various boards, associations, and research councils to represent the ranching industry. James continued this tradition as the Chair of the Alberta Grazing Leaseholders Association and as a board member of the Western Stock Growers Association. James recognized that he stood upon the shoulders of those who came before him and worked hard to support the beef industry and the prairie, which his beloved JH ranch was an integral part of.   Read More