There are five application types: student, new, reinstatement, dual, and transfer. Each application, with the exception of student, has a non-refundable application fee. The application fee is separate from the annual registration fee.

The benefits of being a student member of AIA are described here. Student members must be full-time students currently enrolled in an agrology or environmental-related degree, applied degree, or diploma program at a post-secondary educational institute.

Student Applicant

Applicants who meet the educational requirements for either Agrologist In-Training or Agrology Technologist In-Training and are practicing, or wish to practice agrology in Alberta, are required to be registered with AIA. Please be advised you will be required to provide all post-secondary educational transcripts. Additionally, if you are internationally-educated, you will need to provide additional documentation, as stated here. However, if you are registered as a Professional or In-Training (Articling) Agrologist with another institute, please apply as a dual or transfer applicant below.

New Applicant

NOTE: AIT-PAg eligibility – University of Lethbridge: Applicants with a 2+2 program from the University of Lethbridge might not meet eligibility for registration as an Agrologist In-Training as some degree programs do not have enough senior agrology course content. If applicants find themselves short senior agrology courses, it is possible to make up the senior agrology course shortfall by taking additional courses from a recognized post-secondary educational institution. Until these course deficiencies are met, applicants who have obtained a 4-year, 120-credit baccalaureate degree, but are short courses for the Agrologist In-Training designation, will be granted the Agrology Technologist In-Training designation, if eligible. Please check the approved course lists for acceptable agrology courses. If you are uncertain about any programs and your eligibility for registration with AIA, please contact the office for more information. 

Former members who have been absent from the profession for five (5) years or less are eligible for reinstatement, otherwise they must apply as a new applicant. Please click here for details on our Reinstatement Policy.

Reinstatement Applicant                         New Applicant

Professional or In-Training (Articling) Agrologists who are registered with another agrology institute in Canada and are practicing agrology, or intend on practicing agrology in Alberta, are eligible for dual registration with AIA.

Dual Applicant

Professional or In-Training (Articling) Agrologists who are registered with another agrology institute in Canada and have left to practice agrology in Alberta are eligible to have their registration transferred to AIA.

Transfer Applicant

For more information about regulated designations, please click here. The educational requirements for admission to Alberta Institute of Agrologists can be found here.