Being a "Regulated Member with a Designation" carries responsibility, authority and recognition!

The practice of agrology is a rapidly growing and ever expanding field that is increasingly gaining recognition and exposure among employers, governing bodies and the public. The demand for trained and competent regulated members in the "practice of agrology" is growing. Alberta Institute of Agrologist members are one of the six professions in Alberta who are allowed to "sign off" on upstream oil and gas work.

The public, through the Alberta Legislature, has recognized that resource sectors involving agriculture, environment, foods and nutrition and life sciences are VERY IMPORTANT. This recognition comes through the new Agrology Profession Act. This Act provides the legal right and responsibility for all regulated members to "practice agrology" in Alberta.

Today, in recognition of the value of agrology, the Alberta Agrology Profession Act introduces mandatory registration. Simply put, those who are academically qualified and practicing in the field of agrology in Alberta must be registered with AIA.

Only individuals who have received their professional designations through the Alberta Institute of Agrologists, or an Institute of Agrology in another Canadian province, can legally call themselves professional agrologists or registered technologists in agrology.

The Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA) is responsible for ensuring the public interest is protected as it relates to the practice of agrology in the Province of Alberta. AIA's authority stems from the 2007 Agrology Profession Act and the associated Agrology Profession Regulations.

Mandatory registration means that if...

  • You have a diploma, applied degree or degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in agriculture or
  • environmental science with the course content required by AIA Council; and
  • You practice agrology as defined in Section 1(v) of the Act ( see 'Agrology Is...' above ); and
  • You provide professional services

...then you MUST , according to the Act, be registered and listed on the professional register with the Institute!

Mandatory registration applies to all individuals who are eligible for Registered Technologist in Agrology (RT(Ag)) or Professional Agrologist (PAg) designation.

Individuals that are registered with another professional regulated body (i.e. Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta) or that farm their own land and do not practice agrology outside their farm operation are exempt from registration with AIA.

AIA will enforce the mandatory registration requirements of the Agrology Profession Act as required.

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Competitive edge

You not only have a recognized degree or college diploma, you have proved that you know how to apply your knowledge. Competent service is the hallmark of the professional – one more edge when competing for jobs or clients. Employers may pay higher wages to employees with a professional designation. Click HERE for more information.

Access to jobs that demand the designation

It opens the door to a growing number of industries where a P.Ag. or R.T.Ag. designation is a standard requirement (increasingly common in the reclamation sector, for example). In certain fields, only those with a P.Ag. or R.T.Ag. are authorized to sign-off on certain aspects of a project, which makes professionals valuable to clients and employers alike.

Exclusive right to call yourself a Professional Agrologist or a Registered Technologist in Agrology

Only those with a P.Ag., R.T.Ag or those en route to a professional regulated designation, can legally call themselves “Professional Agrologists” or "Registered Technologists in Agrology". Only these designations are authorized to carry on the "practice of agrology" in the Province of Alberta.

Public trust and professional accountability

You have greater credibility and trust with the public (and employers) due to the fact that you are bound to a professional Code of Ethics and a Code of Practice.

Support in ethical matters

You are protected from clients or employers who would have you act in a manner that contravenes the Code of Ethics and Code of Practice.

Ability to use the seal and stamp of The AIA

This may be used on documents prepared by a Professional Agrologist or a Registered Technologist in Agrology who is a regulated member of the Institute. This provides assurance of the member’s credentials and credibility. Some work will require the seal of a professional designation.

AIA member-only services

As a regulated member of the AIA, you can access valuable services, including Errors and Omissions insurance plans, courses and events as well as other professional development opportunities.

A voice for the profession

You are a part of an organization committed to enhancing the stewardship of land, water, air, and bio-resources. We bring information to the public and policy makers.

Verifying your status

Upon inquiry from the public, the Institute will attest to your designation as a member and advise as to whether or not you are in good standing. The Institute also offers the opportunity to profile your contact information and area of practice on a searchable database available for public access.