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Adrian Kerry, PAg

Though I have spent 20+ years working to manage and restore contaminated land and water, I have a strong connection to the agricultural industry. I grew up on a dairy farm in the south of England and have first hand knowledge of the pride and responsibility felt by custodians of the land.

I commenced my under-graduate degree studying agriculture and switched to environmental science when work experience made it clear that I would find great satisfaction from my chosen career. I carefully chose my M.Sc. course to further enable my future in this profession. Having been educated overseas, I understand the value of getting qualifications efficiently appraised.

I have been a happy member of the AIA since 2007 and have enjoyed being involved with the Calgary Environmental Network since 2015.

I have worked for remediation companies and environmental consultancies. I have had several industry secondments and am currently a Senior Remediation and Contamination Specialist in the Closure and Liability Branch of the Alberta Energy Regulator.

Thank you for considering me for the P.Ag. Calgary role on the AIA Council. I look forward to being of service to the institute and you, my fellow members. I welcome the opportunity to contribute to our continued success. I will help the AIA provide representation of its members and value for money. Protection of the environment and the public are highly aligned with my personal beliefs and I will work hard to ensure Albertans continue to have faith in “the stamp” and what it represents. 

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Roger St. Fort, PAg

Dr. Saint-Fort’s research activities focus on the areas of soil/groundwater remediation, fate and behavior of contaminants, water quality. He has authored numerous technical and scientific publications. Dr. Saint-Fort has performed collaborative work at both national and international levels. His current research activities involve investigating innovative approach for remediating NAPL in soil and groundwater, using surfactants to enhance bioremediation and washing of salt impacted soil.

Dr. Saint-Fort continues to explore the application of electro-coagulation and nano-bubble technology as methods to cost-effectively reclaim wastewater streams and conserve water. As part of his research effort, Dr. Saint-Fort works on developing affordable and sustainable drinking water solutions for rural and under privileged international communities.
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