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Boyd Laing, PAg

Boyd R. Laing PAg., MSc.

Director – Reclamation, Remediation, and Risk Management, Summit, An Earth Services Company

AREAS OF EXPERTISE Boyd is an accomplished environmental professional with 16 years’ experience in reclamation, remediation, environmental project management (including contaminated sites and risk assessment and management), staff development and training, regulatory requirements and consultation and leadership.

INTRODUCTION Boyd manages a team of employee and contract consultant environmental practitioners who perform routine reclamation work, as well as contaminated site management and risk assessment and management. This work requires impeccable professional competency, ethics and diligence, and Boyd requires all employees and contractors to understand, observe and maintain the professional standards required by their relevant designations. Boyd understands the current regulatory trends and the consequent risks that are increasingly becoming a challenge to self-regulation in other industries in Alberta and in Canada.

CAREER HISTORY Boyd spent the first four years of his career in the Forestry Sector in Alberta working primarily in harvesting, monitoring and GIS. Since 2005 has been working in the oil and gas environmental sector primarily in reclamation and remediation. He is currently the Director of Reclamation, Remediation and Risk Management at Summit, An Earth Services Company, a well-respected and well-known environmental company with offices in several Canadian provinces. In his current role Boyd leads a team of senior project managers and senior environmental practitioners. He oversees programs and corporate initiatives, mentors’ senior staff and develops accountability targets for team leads and managers. He is cognizant of reputational risk and determined to protect and maintain Summit’s excellent reputation and respect in the industry. Boyd is currently helping the organization build relationships with local contractors and Indigenous groups.

BOARD SERVICE AND EDUCATION Boyd worked with the AIA competency committee and registration committee (among others) for several terms prior to being elected to council in 2017; most recently, he served as Chair of the AIA Council.

Boyd attended the University of Saskatchewan where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Land Use and Environmental Studies with double major in Biology, and a Master of Science in Hydrology and GIS. 

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Samantha MacKay, PAg

My name is Samantha (Sam) MacKay and I am running for a council position with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists as a P.Ag. representative.

Academically, I completed my education in Ontario, where I graduated with an B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and a Masters Degree in Hydrometeorology, both from McMaster University. I have been working in the environmental field primarily as an environmental consultant focusing on construction phase planning, monitoring and inspection since moving to Alberta from Ontario in 2011. In 2019, I was offered an instructor position at Lakeland College in the Department of Environmental Sciences, where I am currently employed, while also working at CPP Environmental in the summer to continue practicing in my field and practice. Through both career paths, I have gained extensive experience in many of Alberta’s economic sectors, including: oil and gas, transportation, mining and utilities, and I have been involved during planning, construction, post-construction, operation and decommissioning phases. I hold both my P.Ag. and P.Biol. in the province of Alberta and I am currently working to achieve my CPESC designation.

I have been involved in councils and regulating bodies through much of my academic and professional life and I enjoy the process that being a member of council has to offer. In both my career as a consultant and my career as an instructor, I often find myself “fighting for the greater good”, whether that is to ensure students get exposure to the right opportunities, landowners have an opportunity to have a voice on a project, or whether I am ensuring the protection of crown land as per the requirements of provincial and federal regulations. I believe strongly in associations and societies designed to regulate the ethical requirements of professionals in our field, and I am not afraid to stand up to my peers, colleagues or employers if it means following my ethical and professional code of conduct. I have a strong track record of being well informed on matters that I fight for, and ensure that I approach all situations with sounds facts and without emotion; two important components when ensuring fair and unbiased decision making. Over my career, this has been a valuable skill, as it has allowed me to make the best decisions possible despite the complex situations I have often faced.

I hope to bring my experiences as a practicing member of AIA to the council and work hard to ensure the protection of the public with regards to maintaining intergenerational equity. The future has a right to a quality of life, just as we have had.

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Ryan Puhlmann, PAg

Ryan Puhlmann has over 25 years of progressive technical, management and leadership experience in reclamation, remediation, and water management in both a regulatory and consulting capacity. He possesses extensive knowledge on regulatory requirements, processes and policy outcomes, and had previously led many initiatives associated with reclamation certification, industrial approval application requirements and financial security programs (e.g., MFSP, Sand and Gravel).

He has contributed to: educational advisory boards (educational requirements and core competencies), academic/technical presentations (Soil and water education/leading technical forums), grass-roots initiatives involving youth (e.g., Scouts – Soil and Water Badge, Alberta 4H) and indigenous groups (mine reclamation tours/engagement), all with a goal of sharing knowledge and creating engagement.

He is passionate about environmental site and risk assessment, site remediation and reclamation, sampling programs and sharing his knowledge and skills as Senior Practice Leader. He provides support through growth, diversification and innovative practices, often providing senior mentorship and coaching to individuals at an operational level.

Ryan is dedicated to the environmental sector, continued professional growth and lifelong learning, all to the betterment of the public at large. He seeks to find opportunities to give back, and currently serves as Board of Directors member for the Alberta Wildlife Carving Association, and supporting local Alberta 4H as Leader and community volunteer.

He holds a Master of Science from Royal Roads University, is a professional Agrologist (AIA) and Environmental Professional (EP)(Eco-Canada).

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