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Dr. David Chalk is a futurist with a 25 year history of accurately predicting the interaction of humans and machines. Awarded a Doctorate Degree in technology by the University of the Fraser Valley, David presents what audiences need to know to succeed in business, technology and life.

As an expert on technology and disruptive innovation, David has been called upon by Stanford University and Microsoft to Homeland Security for his knowledge and consultation. Back when Windows was being introduced to the market, Bill Gates asked David to speak on his behalf to explain the software when he was unavailable. David has worked in Artificial Intelligence at the highest levels and can unconditionally confirm that humans will always triumph over machine and why.

He is the founder of more than 15 successful companies including Doppler Computer Superstores, Chalk Media, Decision-Zone Cyber Defence Technology, Trees Matter, Terra Sol Civil Construction, New Century Video Streaming and CalmWear™ Compression Clothing for Autism to name a few. David is a keynote speaker who has walked his talk. He shares the many obstacles, challenges and rapid changes he faced along the way and why he always embraced change as a new opportunity.

When David entered the US market, the Wall Street Journal ran a story of how he not only saved a 100 million dollar company (Ballard Computers) from going bankrupt but the speed of the turnaround was the fastest in history. David has won awards on innovation, retail marketing and leadership, including being a Finalist for the Governor General award for leadership in business and winning the Top Marketer in Canada from the Retail Council of Canada. David has been a catalyst to the evolution of the retail landscape in Canada by developing the first Point of Sale technology as well as the blueprint for the first Superstore when he opened Doppler Computers.

David is an engaging Keynote Speaker who creates new conversations and who offers audiences his personal email because he thrives on sharing his experience, expertise and helping others succeed.