2013 AIA Conference, Plenary Session, Changing Demands on Agricultural Land: Are Reforms Urgent?

Feeding 9 Billion People: Does Canada Have the Science and Innovation Framework? (35 minutes, 0.5 CCP hours)
Dr. John Kennelly, Dean, Faculty of ALES, University of Alberta

The Loss of Alberta's Agricultural Soils to Competing Land Uses
(24 minutes, 0.3 CCP hours)
Dr. Brad Stelfox, The ALCES Group

Sustaining Cities is an Agricultural Issue
(33 minutes, 0.5 CCP hours)
Candace Vanin, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


Land-use Conflicts in Edmonton's Northeast (29 minutes, 0.5 CCP hours)
Leonard Leskiw, Paragon Soil and Environmental Consulting

Urban Agriculture Meeting Demands in Unlikely Places: Resistance is Fertile (30 minutes, 0.5 CCP hours)
Jennifer Cockrall-King, Author, "Food and the City: Urban Agriculture and the New Food Revolution"


Extreme Conditions, Native Landscapes Restoration (18 minutes, 0.3 CCP hours)
Dr. Steven Tannas and Deb Everts, Tannas Conservation Services and Grumpy's Landscaping


Invasive Plants You Should Know (35 minutes, 0.5 CCP hours)
Nicole Kimmel, Weed Specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry


Assessing the Agronomic Value of Non-Conventional Fertilizers and Amendments (32 minutes, 0.5 CCP hours)
Dr. Francis Zvomuya, University of Manitoba


Unconventional Resource Development: Impacts and Opportunities (28 minutes, 0.5 CCP hours)
Dan Allan, Executive Vice President, Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources