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 Dear {%First Name%} {%Last Name%},

Thank you for your reinstatement member application to the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA).

Your application will be moved forward for review after the AIA has received a current chronological résumé that clearly shows the start and end dates (month and year) for all work experience. The Institute will not accept a corporate-specific résumé. You can upload your résumé through your Application Portal, under Application Status, or email your résumé directly to .

Transcripts from all post-secondary education institutions are required for registration. If we do not have your educational transcripts from your previous registration you will be asked to request a set for the Institute. Contact the Student Services department and ask them to forward an original transcript to the AIA office at #1430, 5555 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6H 5P9. Only original transcripts sent from the educational institution directly are accepted.

In Alberta you are legally required to be a member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists if you have the required education specified in Section 3 and 4 of the Agrology Profession Regulation and if you practice agrology (as defined in section 1(v) of the Agrology Profession Act). If you are eligible to be registered with AIA and you continue to practice agrology in Alberta without being registered, the Registrar may seek a court injunction that would require you to cease work until you become registered with AIA.

If you have any questions please email our Membership Coordinator, Darcy Sorenson, at or call the office at (780) 435-0606, toll free within Alberta at 1-855-435-0606.

Click HERE to proceed to your Member Portal where you can review and edit your personal information. Thank you.


David Lloyd, MSc, PAg 

  You are receiving this message because of your present or prior association with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists. If you suspect someone is abusing your email address or you have received this email in error, please Contact Us .