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For each annual conference the AIA commissions a Green Paper to be authored by peer recognized experts. The authors express their own views and opinions backed by experience and science. The views expressed are not those of the Institute. The Institute welcomes outside views and diverse, researched opinions. The Green Paper on “Resources and People” will summarize current knowledge and science, with a specific focus on carbon (oil and gas), and will address the choices Albertans must make in management of its resources.

Dr. Gordon Laxer, Green Paper author and presenter

Dr. Gordon Laxer will present our 2017 Green Paper. Dr. Laxer recently authored the book “After the Sands – Energy and Ecological Security for Canadians”. Here is the link to his book. Gordon Laxer is the founding Director and former head of Parkland Institute at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Gordon is a Political Economist and professor emeritus at the University of Alberta. He is also author or editor of five other books, including Open for Business: The Roots of Foreign Ownership in Canada (Oxford Univ Press), which received the John Porter Award for best book written about Canada. Gordon is on the advisory board of the SSHRC funded "Corporate Mapping Partnership" that is researching the structure and influence of the fossil fuel corporations in Western Canada. Gordon was the Principal Investigator of a $1.9 million research project: Neoliberal Globalism and its Challengers: Reclaiming the Commons in the Semi-periphery (2000-2006).