Annual Registration Renewal Period: October 1 - December 31

Annual Registration Renewal Requirements:

The following are legislated requirements and must be completed on or before December 31 to remain in good standing as a regulated member of AIA for the next membership year:

  1. Registration fee paid in full;
  2. Required CCP hours recorded; and
  3. Renewal Ethics Declaration completed.

After December 31st, a member is NOT in good standing if any ONE of the above three items is not completed.

Late Fee Penalties:

January 1 - A late fee invoice of $150.00 is issued if any of the requirements above have not been met.

January 16 - If any of the above still have not been met and/or the late fee has not been paid, a 30 day cancellation notice is issued and registration is immediately suspended. A suspension fee of an additional $100.00 is issued.

February 15 - If all of the requirements for registration renewal have not been met (including payment of late and/or suspension fees), the member's registration is cancelled. If a member fails to comply with all registration renewal requirements and is then subsequently cancelled, the member's name will be published on the AIA website here . The Reinstatement Fee Policy  outlines the Reinstatement process for a member once they are cancelled.