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The 13th Annual Banff Conference – March 15-17, 2017

Conference Green Paper:
Dr. Gordon Laxer will present our 2017 Green Paper. Dr. Laxer recently authored the book “After the Sands – Energy and Ecological Security for Canadians”. Here is the link to his  book.

Conference Theme:
People and Resources

Conference Breakout Sessions:
Energy Resources
Agriculture Resources
Markets and Social License

The breakout sessions will address topics such as: Oil, coal, clean energy, crops, soil, resource ownership, markets, professional work, regulatory management, wetlands and practitioners and more!

Continuing Competence Sessions:
Six continuing competence sessions will be offered. Initial topics being considered are:

Writing for Clarity, Coherence, and Conciseness: Stephen Kuntz
Receiving Feedback: How to Hear it, Receive it, Use it: Carol Gabana
Professional Practice and Risks: Richard Dixon
Contaminants and Water: Dr. Bill Shotyk
Range and Cumulative Effects: Barry Adams and Mike Alexander
Practice Standards update AND Council Bear Pit Session: Les Fuller, David Lloyd and AIA Council


1. AT THE AGM: Your AIA Council will be hosting a 90-minute session with all members about:
  • Member practice
  • Member issues 
  • Institute management
2. AT THE AGM - MEET YOUR AIA COUNCIL: Your AIA Council will share with you the past year and the year ahead. Have a concern? Want to voice your ideas? Here is a chance to chat with all your AIA Council.

3. NETWORKING: Looking to connect with a new company, find a new career choice, meet senior members – the AGM/CONFERENCE is the place to be.

4. 20 CCP HOURS: Attend the AGM and AIA Conference and collect 20 CCP hours

5. SIX EXCELLENT CCP SESSIONS: Topics include Contaminants, Effective technical writing, Receiving Feedback, a Bear Pit with Council, New Detailed Practice Standards explanations, Range Management.

6. TOP TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS: Hear about the future of oil, coal, green energy, energy impact on Agriculture resources (beef, pork, grains), market trends and social licence.

7. AIA AWARD PRESENTATIONS: See major achievements by emerging AIA members for distinguished and professional AIA members.

8. EXCELLENT WINE AND CHEESE EVENT: Relax and meet renowned authors Gordon Laxer, Andrew Nikiforuk and meet the NEB Chair and CEO in person!

9. THE BANQUET AND RELAXING ENTERTAINMENT: Good food and a “different” twist to entertainment (a surprise)!

10. ENJOY BANFF: Banff Park is one of the Canadian Rockies “World Heritage Sites parks” (Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho national parks). The scenery in Banff is second to none and the setting is spectacular for the 2017 AIA conference!