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Steve Kuntz, University of Alberta

Writing for Clarity, Coherence, and Conciseness

Most days, in one form or another, you write—an email, a memo, a report. But you don’t quite feel at ease about your communication when you hit “send” or turn in that report. What’s impeding your progress in taking this vital form of communication to another level?

The session will focus on what you know, what you don’t know, and what you ought to know—with the goal to SEE your writing from a different perspective and gain confidence in producing clear, concise, coherent, and correct writing. To apply these characteristics and what we have learned, we will consider the CV and cover letter genres.

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Richard Dixon and Dr. Kirby Wright

Regulatory and Strategic Affairs Center (RASAC)

There are two new forces that are impacting professional organizations and the professions they manage. The AIA and professional agrologists will be impacted by these forces. First, increasingly and on a global scale, professional regulators are under greater scrutiny to provide better management of their members. And second, others are foresighting that professions will find their roles dramatically changed in a digital society. Based on the latest research, including a $1M study by the Alberta Energy Regulator, this session will explore these two forces and how AIA’s seven pillars can respond to these new challenges.

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We get feedback every day of our lives from colleagues, bosses and clients, friends, and family. Some feedback is hard to hear, some makes us feel great, some is useful and some – you wonder what planet it came from!
Receiving feedback is challenging because it is at the intersection of two human desires…we want to learn and grow and we want to be accepted just the way we are. Read More .

Carol Gabanna


Dr. Bill Shotyk
Dr. William (Bill) Shotyk

Topic 1 (60 minutes): Ecological Classification and Ecological Land Cover Tools for Alberta Rangelands (GVI, PLVI and DEP)
Topic 2 (60 minutes) Principles & Strategies for Minimizing Surface Disturbance in Native Grasslands Including New AEP Guidelines
Topic 3 (60 minutes): Range Management Strategies for Prairie and Foothill Rangelands

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Barry Adams, PAg
Mike Alexander, PAg

Practice Standards:
Dr. Les Fuller and David Lloyd will review the following on March 17:

    • Brief History of legislation and reason for practice standards
    • Current standards in place
    • Why detailed practice standards
    • How standards will be used
    • Relationship to practice reviews
    • Future standards
    • Risks to the profession
AIA Council:

    • Ask questions of council re governance of AIA
Les Fuller, PAg
David Lloyd, PAg