APPLICATION FEE REFUND CANCELLATION AFTER JUNE 30, 2016. Please be advised that application fee refunds from the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA) will no longer be available to students AFTER June 30, 2016.

In the past, and prior to June 30, 2016, graduating students who applied to AIA for registration were able to receive a full $250.00 application fee refund if they requested the refund within 90 days of being granted membership in AIA.

NOTE: Students will STILL be able to obtain application fee refunds IF they apply to the AIA on or before June 30, 2016 even if they are accepted after June 30, 2016. This refund applies only if the students are accepted into membership.

Please refer to the side bar for the particular application options that are available.

APPLICATION FEES: ALL application fees are non-refundable.

REGISTRATION FEES: ALL registration fees are non-refundable. Please click here  for the fee schedule.

For members who are reinstating their membership, please click here  for the policy on reinstatement.

All new applicants for the Agrologist in Training (AIT) designation towards a PAg will be assessed on their degree and courses. All new applicants for the Agrology Technologist in Training (ATT) designation towards their RTAg will be assessed on their diploma, applied degree or degree and courses. These legal requirements are found in Section 3 and 4 of the Agrology Profession Regulation.

Eligibility for registration as an Agrologist In-Training (AIT) requires a minimum of a four-year (120 credit) Baccalaureate degree in agriculture or environmental science. As part of this degree, a specified in number of course credits  in various categories as set by AIA Council are required.

Eligibility for registration as an Agrology Technologist In-Training (ATT) requires a minimum of a two-year diploma or applied degree program equivalent to a minimum of 60 credits of which a specified number of course credits  in various categories as set by AIA Council are required.

When applicants are reviewed for entrance into the agrology profession, their transcripts are reviewed for agrology and foundational science related courses. A discussion and definition of these two course types is found  here

NOTE: For those with technology designations from another province applying to AIA: Individuals who are registered in another province in Canada as agricultural or environmental technologists WILL NOT be accepted as transfers for Agrology Technologist In-Training (ATT) or as a Registered Technologist in Agrology (RTAg) designations from that province. All applying for the ATT or RTAg designation must apply as new applicants/members of AIA, be fully reviewed by the registration committee and must complete the full In-Training program. In Alberta, RTAgs are regulated as unique professionals and may practice completely on their own. All RTAg members in Alberta have a “conditioned” practice that is based primarily on education.

New Applicants to AIA who have successfully completed and are active participants in the CCA Program can have their CCA designation recognized to a maximum of six agrology credits. See the linked document for details here.  For Alberta, these six credits can be applied towards registration if an applicant is short agrology credits or if an individual is short agrology credits for the Crop Development practice area. Members can use the CCA program to earn continuing competence credits for any educational activities associated with CCA training.

An individual who does not agree with a decision made by AIA’s Registration Committee, Competence Committee, or Registrar about their application, designation, or recommended practice area(s), may request a reconsideration review. Details about the reconsideration review are here.  Should an individual not agree with the meeting outcome, the individual may request a formal appeal. Details about the formal appeal process are  here

The Alberta Institute of Agrologists operates in accordance with the Privacy Information Protection Act of Alberta. Accordingly, we will collect, process, store, retrieve and disseminate information as needed to fulfil our duties as outlined in the Agrology Profession Act, while protecting the privacy of individuals as required by the Privacy Information Protection Act of Alberta.

For further information, contact the Alberta Institute of Agrologists by telephone (780) 435-0606 or email .