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Nathan Fraser, PAg

Nathan Fraser is currently employed with an Environmental Consulting Firm in the capacity of Strategic Planning and Execution. In this capacity, it is Nathan’s mission to help the firm execute better business plans by facilitating internal/external stakeholder inputs to the planning processes that will provide sustainable growth to the company. These efforts have utilized ‘Decision and Risk’ analytical frameworks that have assisted Management and Shareholders to make astute capital decisions.

Nathan’s formal education includes a Diploma in Criminology, Diploma in Land Resource Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science which has culminated in holding a Professional Designation in Agrology (P.Ag.) from the Alberta Institute of Agrology. To begin his first foray into the work place, Nathan put his Criminology training to use as a Customs Inspector for Canada Border Services where he spent five years protecting Canadian’s from the illicit importation of persons and goods. His penchant for public service didn’t stop there as Nathan enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces and was granted a commission as an officer. Nathan spent 12 years as an Artillery Officer, earning a Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) and serving in domestic (firefighting and flood relief) and international (US/Canada joint operations) theaters. Seizing an opportunity to spend more time with his family and help foster his spouse’s career, Nathan changed career focus and started working in the environmental service sector. Utilizing the management and planning skills derived from the Canadian Forces, Nathan quickly moved from field operations to project management of large, multi-client portfolios. These endeavors have led him to industry where he was employed by a multi-national oil and gas producer.

Nathan continued building on his experience as a Lease Construction and Reclamation Superintendent where he was able to ensure that building practices were conducted in consideration of the reclamation goals which will have material savings for the corporation when the time comes to retire these assets. In 2014, after receiving his Qualified Mediator Designation (Q.Med.), Nathan was given an opportunity to join the Corporation’s Portfolio Management Team where he was responsible for organizing and facilitating execution strategies with the Asset Teams to provide the Executive with high value options for capital investments for their Western Canada Business Unit.

Nathan has been a member of the AIA Registration Committee for the last three years and hopes to bring his varied experiences and skills to the council as the membership sees fit.

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Michelle Heffernan, PAg

Ms. Heffernan was born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta. In middle school she found her passion for science and began her journey in environmental science by earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental and Conservation Science with a major in Land Reclamation at the University of Alberta. After post-secondary Ms. Heffernan was accepted into the articling program with the AIA and earned Professional Agrologist status three years later.

Ms. Heffernan is an Environmental Scientist and Partner with Trace Associates Inc. (Trace). She has been working in the environmental industry since 2007 and has been at Trace for the past 7 years. Ms. Heffernan has field, reporting, review, and project management experience working on various reclamation and remediation projects in the oil and gas and commercial real estate sector. Ms. Heffernan primarily acts as a lead assessor and manager on “special projects” including vintage sites, in-situ remediation, and complex multi-stakeholder sites. She also leads a team as a supervisor in Trace’s Calgary office.

Ms. Heffernan has been actively involved with the AIA since 2007, through her roles as vice-chair and secretary for the Calgary Environmental Network, her three-year term sitting on Council, and her current role as Council Chair. She has completed governance training, has conducted education activities on building board participation skills, and has had the opportunity to represent AIA Council in meetings with government officials.

My current area of work is reclamation, environmental site assessment, and remediation.

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Cohl Robertson, PAg

Cohl Robertson is the Group Lead of the Regulatory Applications Department at Cenovus Energy Inc. Cenovus is a Canadian owned and operated oil and gas company with vast oil sands and conventional assets. In his capacities as Regulatory Lead he manages the work flow and productivity of a team of muilt-disciplined regulatory professionals with diverse skills and experience, tasked with ensuring that the Development Schedule is met. Current activities include:

• Acquisition & Renewal of EPEA and Scheme Approvals
• Acquisition & Divestiture of public lands
• Acquisition of Historical Land Clearance
• Management of conservation and reclamation requirements specified in SED 001
• Acquisition & Renewal of licenses and approvals subject to the Alberta Oil Sands Conservation and Water Acts
• Compilation and release of Construction Approval Packages
• Strategic direction, innovation and management of regulatory programs and processes

Prior to his work at Cenovus, Cohl spent years supervising large remediation and reclamation programs throughout Western and Northern Canada. In the capacity of soils and remediation specialist he conducted Phase I, II and III ESAs leverging and integrating cross-discipline expertise (bathymetric, hydrographic, electromagnetic, etc.) to provide robust, evidence-based recommendations and solutions. He has been involved in reclamation programs bringing many sites through to final closure and subsequent certification.

Cohl has been trained in site clean-up and monitoring programs working in remote locales dealing with multiple contaminant streams. In these extreme environments he became proficient in development planning and program agility through implementing innovative solutions to achieve client objectives.

In his personal life, Cohl and his wife Anita are parents of 5 amazing children. He spends much of his time volunteering in community basketball, soccer and scouting programs. In his free time he enjoys camping, watching sports and heading to his cabin in B.C. Cohl graduated from the University of Calgary in 2002, with a Bachellor of Science in Physical Geography and a Minor in Management.

•CAPP Committee service:
•Co-chair of the Conservation & Reclamation Harmonization Sub-committee
•Co-Chair of the PDA Sub-committee (NTAP)
•Project Champion, Surface Materials Regulatory Streamlining Committee
•Participant in Project Level Conservation, Reclamation and Closure Plan Committee

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